From Start to Finish


Our primary responsibility is guiding each Apprentice through their apprenticeship training to completion of a Red Seal Certificate of Qualification.


Cycle 2:  From Indentureship into Apprenticeship program to certification as Red Seal Powerline Technician



Board Approved TT’s Indentured into Apprenticeship Program

Work-Based Training

With your Employer under the direct supervision of a certified Powerline Technician

Term 2-3 Term 4-5 Term 6-7 Top-out
Accumulate Hours
686 – 1,372
Accumulate Hours
2,128 – 2,844
Accumulate Hours
3,530 – 4,216

6,720 Minimum “key hours”

Technical Training

Block Release training full time in school delivered by BC Hydro Trades Training Centre (TTC)

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
180 hours
6 Weeks
ITA Standardized Written Exam
160 hours
5 Weeks 
ITA Standardized Written Exam
96 hours
3 Weeks
ITA Standardized Written Exam
64 hours
2 Weeks
Red Seal Exam

Pathway to Certification

Indentureship into Apprenticeship Program

Once Indentured into the PLT apprenticeship program its time to start learning trade skills through work-based training on the job and technical training in school.

All Apprentices are indentured to the JLATA and not their Employers.  The JLATA is the “Sponsor on Record” and serves as your point of contact for all apprenticeship matters.

The JLATA is responsible for each Apprentice employed through our Employers that are signatory the Master Line Agreement with the Local 258 IBEW.

Checklist of Apprentice Responsibilities

Apprentices are responsible for ensuring they progress through the apprenticeship program smoothly by following the Apprentice responsibilities set out below:


Bring a positive attitude every day


Ensure you have the proper personal protective equipment and climbing gear


Gain an understanding of your workplace and Employer's expectations including use of proper equipment and safety standards


Submit Apprentice reports to the JLATA


Complete and submit school registration forms, tuition payment and other costs associated with technical training


Attendance and passing grades in all levels of technical training


Promptly reporting any changes in employment that affect apprenticeship status


Promptly reporting any changes in employment that affect apprenticeship status

In Addition, Apprentices must be prepared to relocate and work in any location where they can complete their work-based training if required.

Work-Based Training


Approximately 80% of the Apprenticeship Program is work-based training

Apprentices will accumulate one hour of work-based training for each hour worked on the job with their Employer under the direct supervision of a certified Powerline Technician.

To ensure Apprentices learn the full scope of the trade over the course of their apprenticeship, Apprentices will be required to advance through 7 Terms and complete a minimum 6,720 work-based hours.  Work-based hours also include the minimum “key hours” requirement indicated below to complete the program.

Underground 100 hours Preferred, but not mandatory:
Live Line Single Phase 200 hours Transmission: 100 hours
Live Line Three Phase 300 hours Distribution: 1000 hours
Live Line Single & Three Phase 500 hours total 
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6 Term 7 Top-Out
0 hours 686 hours 1372 hours 2128 hours 2844 hours 3530 hours 4216 hours 6,720 hours

Term Advancement

Apprentices begin at Term 1 on the actual date of Indentureship and are scheduled to advance in Term status every six months. Apprentices who meet the minimum hours requirement for each Term and have demonstrated the knowledge and practical skills for their current Term will advance to the next level.


Apprentice Scope of Work

Under no circumstances shall an Apprentice Powerline Technician be considered as part of the required complement of Journeyman Powerline Technician until s/he has successfully completed their first term (5th) of the program. In no circumstances shall the variance of the guidelines violate BC Hydro, WorkSafeBC, or any other recognized safety regulations that are in force at a specified worksite or location.

An Apprentice Powerline Technician shall not be called upon to come into direct contact with high voltage equipment or conductors that are potentially alive, except under the following circumstances and under the direct supervision of a Journeyman Powerline Technician:

First Month

No Contact

After 1 Month

Less than 750 volts A.C.

After 12 Months

Single phase live-line work

After 18 Months

All live-line work, excluding bare hand 

After 30 Months

Same restrictions as Journeyman Lineman

Employment Changes

Movement is facilitated through the JLATA Board. Transfer requests may be made either by the Apprentice or Employer in writing. The JLATA makes the decision on all transfers.  Employers invest valuable time and effort towards apprenticeship training and loyalty to your Employer is a valued trait.

Recording Work-Based Hours

Log Books

Apprentices are provided with a Log Book to record work-based hours, co-workers, and duties performed at the work site.  From the time of arrival at the job site to the time of departure, those hours shall be recorded daily in the appropriate section in your Apprentice Log Book

Reporting Work-Based Hours & Progress on the Job


Monthly Work Reports

Apprentice work-based training hours are monitored and reported to the ITA through the submission of monthly Work Reports. At the end of each month, Apprentices are responsible for completing and submitting their Work Reports to the JLATA office.  The JLATA carefully monitors work-based training hours to ensure Apprentices are receiving the work-based training that incorporates the full scope of the apprenticeship program.

Field Progress Assessments Reports

Apprentices are responsible for ensuring that their Sub-Foreman/ Foreman evaluate their progress on the job by completing a Field Progress Assessment report (quarterly) each year.  As part of the assessment the Sub-Foreman/Foreman will determine whether the Apprentice meets the practical skill level required for their current Term.  This Assessment will determine Term Advancement.

Keep Track of your Apprenticeship Online


Apprentices can login to the JLATA database to ensure their contact information is current and view work-based training hours, Field Progress Assessment reports, Term advancement dates and technical training grades.

    Technical Training


    Approximately 20% of the Apprenticeship Program is technical training

    The technical training requirements are met through block release training (full time at school) delivered by BC Hydro Trades Training Centre (TTC), as set out in the ITA Powerline Technician “Program Outline” for British Columbia.  Instructors at the training facility are Red Seal Certified Powerline Technicians.

    The technical training component consists of learning the theoretical and practical aspects of the powerline trade occupation.  Competencies are evaluated through written exams and practical assessments.  Apprentices must obtain a minimum grade of 70% overall to be granted credit for a level of technical training.

    Apprentices are required to attend four (4) Levels of technical training, and write Standardized Level Exams for Levels 1-3.  The IP Red Seal examination is scheduled at the end of your Level 4 schooling.


    Year 1: 6 weeks


    Year 2: 5 weeks


    Year 3: 3 weeks


    Year 4: 2 weeks

    Standard Level Exams

    Standard Level Exams (SLE’s) are written on the last day of in-school training and will count for 20% of your overall mark. The ITA has begun implementing SLE’s to help ensure a common standard of training. Writing SLE’s throughout your apprenticeship helps you prepare for your certification exam. Your technical training result on the ITA Transcript will contain both your in school and SLE exam results. 

    Technical Training Dates

    The JLATA is responsible for organizing and scheduling your technical training. Apprentices will be notified of school dates and receive student packages prior to class start date with information regarding registration, tuition cost, textbooks, and financial assistance forms. 

    Financial Support for Apprentices

    Apprentices are eligible for Canada Student Loans and Employment insurance Benefits for each level of technical training attended and a number of federal grants and provincial tax credits when each level of technical training is completed. First Nations individuals are eligible for enhanced tax credits.


    Results & Rewrites

    You will receive your Course and Exam Results Letter by email you provided on your Application form. You can also log into your apprenticeship account to see your results within 10 business days* after your exam.

    You may need to rewrite an exam if you scored less than 70%. 69% or lower is considered a fail. Re-writes are scheduled by calling ITA Customer Service or by completing one of the exam applications. Please email completed applications to customerservice@itabc.ca

    The ITA has scheduled exams at 12 locations in BC, see the schedule here. You can take your exam at any of these locations.

    Recommendation for Certification

    Once all required work-based training hours, technical training, Inter-Provincial (IP) Red Seal Examination and other program requirements have been successfully completed, the JLATA will send the ITA your Recommendation for Certification.

    Certification Process is as Follows:


    Apprentice successfully completes all apprenticeship program requirements


    ITA sends JLATA Recommendation for Certification form for completion and submission


    JLATA sends Employer a Final Evaluation form for completion and return


    ITA Processes the Recommendation for Certification and sends the Certificate of Qualification and Certificate of Apprenticeship


    ITA maintains a permanent file of your records of certification

    Complete Program Requirements

    Apprentice successfully completes all Apprenticeship Program Requirements

    Term 7 Final Evaluation

    Employer completes and returns to the JLATA Term 7 Final Evaluation form.

    Recommendation for Certification

    JLATA Signs-off and sends Recommendation for Certification form to the ITA.

    Sign-off on Recommendation for Certification

    The Recommendation for Certification is signed-off by the JLATA and certified tradesperson with sign-off authority. By signing-off, the JLATA is attesting that the Apprentice is working at the skill and competency level of a certified journeyman Powerline Technician.


    When you successfully complete the apprenticeship program you are awarded Provincial and National Credentials. For Provincially recognized programs the ITA awards a Certificate of Qualification and Certificate of Apprenticeship. For Nationally recognized programs, an Inter-Provincial (IP) Red Seal Endorsement is affixed to the ITA credential.


    Powerline Technician

    Certificate of Apprenticeship


    Powerline Technician

    Certificate of Qualification with
    Inter-Provincial Red Seal Endorsement

    Powering BC Through Excellence in Training

    The Joint Line Apprenticeship Training Association has the managerial oversight for the program to assure Apprentices in the Powerline Technician Apprenticeship Program are provided the best training and learning experience within the trade.